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The Mick Sterling Experience Radio Show


Listen Live

Northfield MN  - Mondays 7:00PM on 95.1 FM and AM 1080 KYMN

Glenwood - Saturdays 10:00PM on KMGM, Magic 107.1 FM

Hastings MN/Prescott WI - Sundays 8:00PM on 97.7 FM and 1460 AM

Twin Cities MN - Sunday Morning 7AM on AM 740 WDGY, FM 103.7, FM 92.1

St. Paul MN - Saturday Nights 5PM on FM 99.1 WVIC

Mick Sterling

Host - Musician - Minnesotan

​After 40 years of performing, songwriting and giving audiences all he's got in the Twin Cities and the midwest region, Mick Sterling has left his unique mark in Minnesota music.  His signature sound of Soul, Rock and Blues is finding new audiences as he produces and performs in shows that honor the artists that influenced him to sold out shows everywhere he performs them.  

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Welcome to The Mick Sterling Experience Radio Show

The goal of the Mick Sterling Experience Radio Show is to provide an intimate, personal and illuminating hour experience with top singer-songwriters in the midwest, along with providing an opportunity through the show to find about the great work of The 30-Days Foundation.

I'm very grateful for the fine radio stations listed on the site for giving The Mick Sterling Experience Radio Show time on their air.   Look for the times and stations and share with your friends when to listen in that area!

My four personal directives for this radio show are as follows:
1.  Is it interesting?
2.  Is it good?
3.  Does it move me and will it move you?
4.  I know what I know and I know what I don't know. When I don't know something, I'm going to ask and learn along with you.

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